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Traffic And Weather
Written by A. Schlesinger

From the Fountains of Wayne album Traffic and Weather

Channel Six news team
Breaking story bout a get-rich-quick scheme
One anchor turns and faces the other
Says it's time that I made you my lover

Chorus x2
Oooh we belong together
Like traffic and weather x3

Every twenty we got business reports
We're gonna take a break and then we're right back with sports
Hey Dan I like those shorts
I've never seen them before
I'd like em even more
Lying on my bedroom floor
Don't run away baby, hear what I say
You know I sit here reading to you day after day
Don't be scared, sit back down in your chair
All I wanna do is just soak your hair

Like traffic and weather x3
Ooh we belong together
Like traffic and weather x3

Chuck Scarborough turns to Sue Simmons
Says sugar you don't know what you're missin'


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