Utopia Parkway — liner notes

  1. Utopia Parkway
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  2. Red Dragon Tattoo
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  3. Denise
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  4. Hat and Feet
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  5. The Valley of Malls
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  6. Troubled Times
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  7. Go, Hippie
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  8. A Fine Day For a Parade
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  9. Amity Gardens
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  10. Laser Show
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  11. Lost in Space
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  12. Prom Theme
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  13. It Must Be Summer
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  14. The Senator's Daughter
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  15. I Know You Well (Japan bonus track)

All songs by Chris Collingwood and Adam Schlesinger
©1999 Monkey Demon Music/EMI Music Publishing (BMI) / Awkward Paws Music (ASCAP) except ©1999 Monkey Demon Music/EMI Music Publishing (BMI) Awkward Paws Music (ASCAP)


Chris Collingwood - lead vocals, guitar
Adam Schlesinger - bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Jody Porter - guitar, vocals
Brian Young - drums, percussion

with Ron Sexsmith - backing vocals on 8
Garo Yellin, Conway Kuo, Ralph Farris - strings on 12
Kris Woolsey - lead hand claps on 2

Produced by Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood

Engineered by Gary Maurer, John Siket and Adam Schlesinger
Recorded at Stratosphere Sound, NYC; and The Big House, NYC
Additional recording at Roon With A Jew, NYC and Destructopuss, Northampton, MA
Mixed by Brett Denneen at Q Division, Boston, MA except 4 and 14 mixed by Adam Schlesinger at Room With A Jew

Mastered by Vlado Meller at Sony Studios at Sony Studios, NYC

Art Direction by Frank Olinsky
Photography: Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood

Management: Cliff Burnstein and Peter Mensch/Q Prime
Booking: Mitch Okmin/MOB Agency
Booking (int'l): Mike Dewdney/ITB
Legal: Josh Grier/Dreier LLP
Publicity: Ken Weinstein/Big Hassle Media
A+R: David Wolter

Ron Sexmith appears courtesy of Interscope Records

Thanks: Stacey and Chloe Young, Katie Michel, Leah Carey, Barbara H., Holly Greene, Danny Benair, Harry Poloner, Bobbie Gale, Craig Kallman, Adam Abramson, Gary Spivak, Robert Wieger, Kris and Velaire Woolsey, Geoff Sanoff, Ron Sexsmith, Artie Smith, Mike Dewdney, Andy Chase and Dominique Durand, Jeremy Freeman, Timothee Verrecchia, James Iha, and everyone at Q Prime, Scratchie, Atlantic and EastWest. We are also grateful to: SOS Rehearsal Studios, Dean Markley Strings, Pearl Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, Rich Stanley and Vaccaro Guitar Co., J.D. Dworkow and Fender Guitars.